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June 15, 2020

A to B in an EV

Linda Williamson has only owned her Hyundai Kona EV for a few months, but she’s already covered a lot of ground. Here, she logs her one day drive from Melbourne to Sydney.

The 7th June was my second long distance drive in my new electric car. Like the first long drive several weeks ago, I continued to learn how to efficiently manage such long drives.I left Melbourne at 5.30am heading for the Hume Hwy, with a 85% full battery, recording a range of 371km. Euroa was my first stop at 7.20am. The battery was at 44% with a 182km range. Euroa is an excellent stop as there are several ultra fast chargers, as well as quality food choices and restrooms. After 35mins I continued on my way with a 76% battery and 317km range.

I was hoping to make Holbrook my second stop but found Barnawartha North was needed as I didn’t put quite enough charge in at Euroa. If I had taken the charge up into early 80%, I would have made Holbrook without any stress. So Stop 2 was at 9.30am with 39% charge, and range of 160km. Using ultra rapid charger I took the battery to 50% in 10 minutes, giving me a range of 184 km.

Stop 3 was Holbrook which is a short 84km away. There is only one ultra rapid charger in this beautiful fully serviced town. The charger is sponsored by the town so is free. My experience is that because it is free, it is always in hot demand so there is a chance you may have to wait. Only charging to 80% when someone is waiting, appears to be the etiquette. I began my charge with 25% charge and took it up to 83% charge, giving me a range of 321km.

Dog on the Tuckerbox at Gundagai has always been a favourite stop for me in a regular car, but in the last visits I have been disappointed to find the two ultra fast chargers not working, being forced to use the less efficient fast charger. Being Stop 4, I began my charge with 52%battery and range of 194km. I took the battery to 71% giving me a range of 290km.

My last stop, Stop 5, was at Goulburn. Using one of two ultra fast chargers, I took the battery from 19% with range of only 62km, to 80% with range of 290km – easily enough to get me home to Manly. I found this charge to be my most efficient charge all day as in 46 minutes I added 61% charge.

I ended my long day at 6pm with a 42% battery and 141km range. The total trip took 12 and a half hours and cost $37. I need to note that I began with a free almost full battery courtesy of Moreland Council free charging stations in Brunswick and Coburg. The Holbrook free charge also must be considered if looking at real cost.

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