February 12, 2021

Community batteries

Ausgrid have announced that the Northern Beaches will be one of three trial sites for community batteries. Solar My House program leader, Ann-Charlott Paduch, is very excited about the potential of this new initiative. As she says: Installing solar panels on your roof already makes financial sense, in terms of savings on your power bills. A […]

February 2, 2021

Rooftop fires and solar: what is the risk?

Can solar panel systems cause rooftop fires? A front page article in the Sydney Morning Herald today suggests there has been an increase in rooftop fires in recent years. Fire and Rescue NSW Superintendent Graham Kingsland says fires start in the direct current (DC) isolator switch, usually because of water getting in. The cause of rooftop solar […]

January 29, 2021

Climate for change: social research in action

Some things are hard to talk about. But that’s no reason to stay silent. That’s where Climate for Change comes in. Climate for Change is the only organisation in Australia specifically focused on helping people to have better discussions with their peers on climate change. Social research now recognises this  as key to building public support for […]

Change in the air: climate action now

January 2021. President Biden takes the US back into the Paris Agreement. Then he signs executive orders to pause oil and gas leases. Then he announces a Leaders’ Climate Summit to take place on Earth Day, April 22, 2021. Climate action, at last. Meanwhile, in Australia, we are still hearing statements like ‘gas-lead recovery’. Moreover, […]

December 17, 2020

Zero Emissions: Our 2020

The pictures tell the story. In just a year, Zero Emissions Sydney North has held more than 20 Solar My House parties and webinars, two Electric Vehicle webinars and a Solar Open House day. Our volunteers have attended Mosman markets, delivered flyers and hosted parties. After lengthy research, we have partnered with two businesses with […]

November 3, 2020

The electric car question

Electric cars aren’t going to fix climate change but they are an important part of a zero emissions future, and they’re also really smart pieces of technology. There’s something very exciting about a car which is virtually silent, with no exhaust, which needs little maintenance and runs on sunshine. And if you join our community bulk-buy in collaboration with the Good Car Company, you could be driving one sooner than you think.

October 14, 2020

Low emissions market – let’s go!

Community is an amazing thing! When Mosman Council decided to restart its arts and crafts market (after a COVID hiatus) a team of ZESN volunteers sprang into action by organising a low emissions market stall. We had three electric cars on display across the day, and electric bikes available to try out. Chris demonstrated how […]

Kid Power

We know we need to do things differently to reduce our emissions. We know we need to change. But how? Kid Power, that’s how. “It’s really difficult to talk to adults and ask them to change,” says Jenni Hagland, leader of Zero Emissions Schools program. “I had this epiphany one day at the bakery. There […]

Does solar increase the value of my house? The professional view

As a partner with local real estate agency Cunninghams, Georgi Bates is often asked for advice on house builds, layouts and renovations. Should we put on solar? Should we have a battery? Does solar increase the value of my house? When I drop by to talk about sustainability trends in real estate, the answers are clear. […]