August 5, 2020

Reporting on… National Bushfire and Climate Summit

What do Australia’s fire, emergency, climate and defence experts think? We heard from a panel of experts at the launch of the National Bushfire and Climate Summit, by the Emergency Leaders for Climate Action and The Climate Council. Ursula Hogben summarises the key points: Why have the Emergency Leaders for Climate Action come together? “I […]

Reporting on… Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles. They’re expensive and we don’t have the infrastructure. Right? Wrong. Electric vehicles (EVs) are coming down in price, and they’re much cheaper to run than petrol cars. They don’t need special equipment to charge and, as a bi-directional mobile battery, they could play a key role in the renewable energy revolution. Which is […]

June 15, 2020

Hot and cold

As it’s getting colder, we’re spending more time inside and our energy bills are going up. The perfect time to make some changes to reduce our energy consumption. The Australian Energy Foundation recently ran a helpful webinar with a special focus on the top 2 energy vampires: Heating & cooling your house (40%) and hot […]

Batteries and gadgets

I have discovered a secret weapon in my quest to persuade people to make the switch to renewable energy. It’s called GADGETS! We’ve had solar panels for nearly ten years now. 18 months ago we bought a Tesla 2 battery for $11,500 (which, as I now realise, was quite a bargain since prices have gone […]

Taming the vampires

The Australian Energy Foundation ran a great webinar this week on “Energy Efficiency”. Guess what the top two energy vampires are in the average Aussie home? Heating & cooling your house (40% of electricity usage) Water heating (23%) Home appliances such as TV and computers (14%).  The good news is that a few simple behavioural […]