Tania Tan is a climate action leader. Marketing guru, technical whizz and wearer of many hats, her ambition is to leave this world in a better shape for her kids. Volunteering with ZESN is just one of the ways she is pursuing that ambition.

“We got solar panels about 12 or 13 years ago, then when we reclad our house we put in extra insulation. We have switched one of our cars to an electric car and we have installed water bladders under our deck. We don’t have a lot of space on our property, but no matter how small your piece of land, there are creative ways of living more sustainable. And always thinking about buying local and living the three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle.

no matter how small your piece of land, there are creative ways of living more sustainable.

“I’ve worked as a graphic designer for most of my life and I have a computer science degree, so I worked in IT for a while. At Zero Emissions I help with social media on the advertising side and also I look at strategy going forward.

“I want to be leaving this world in as good as or better shape for our kids than how it is for us. There is no planet b. Even if there’s the tiniest possibility that carbon emissions are causing our planet to heat, we have to act on that, even if it’s 1% possibility.”

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Did you know that most pool pumps run at more than twice the speed they need to for 99% of the time?

Chris Lee does. Chris is a volunteer with Zero Emissions Sydney North’s Home Energy Efficiency group and he has made a short video about how to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your pool pump with a pool pump controller. It’s an easy fix which has an immediate impact on carbon emissions (and your electricity bill). If you’ve got a pool, it’s a no-brainer!

Check out Chris’s video here, and find further information below. 

If you’ve got a home energy efficiency idea, let us know or, better still, join us

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Catherine Willis and her husband John attended one of our first Solar My House parties (pre-Covid), and were immediately inspired to make changes. They were keen to install solar panels but, with a roof due for an overhaul, it wasn’t the right time for them. So they decided to put solar panels on their childrens’ roofs instead.

Putting solar panels on their childrens’ houses has had a range of positive effects: by reducing their electricity bills for the life of the system — hopefully at least 25 years — it’s a way of supporting them, financially, on an ongoing basis. It’s also been a conversation starter, both for the family and for their friends, who now see the panels and hear about how they work. And personally, it has made Catherine and John feel like they are making a difference.

After the Solar My House party Catherine also immediately contacted Diamond Energy (via the Zero Emissions Sydney North website) to enquire about how it worked. The changeover was, she says, seamless.

It’s not hard and it’s also not expensive. I thought it would be more expensive with renewables, but it turns out it’s not.

Now she’s a big fan, and recommends Diamond Energy wholeheartedly, both for their customer service and for their environmental credentials.

I don’t really worry about myself. I just worry about the grandkids, and what world we’re leaving. We do what we can. …When we switched to renewables with Diamond straight away we felt much better.


Solar Open House, August 23, 9am-12pm

Thinking about solar but not sure where to start? Drop by and meet the locals in two Manly homes that have installed solar. They’ll share their costs, electricity bills and payback times, show you their solar systems and answer any of your questions. 

WHEN: Sunday, August 23, any time between 9am-12pm.

WHERE: 41 and 43 Smith Street, Manly. 

(No. 41 is a household of 2 people with a smaller solar system of 5kW. No. 43 is a household of 4 people with a large solar system of 10kW and a battery.)

COVID-19: Social distancing will be observed at this event so small groups of a maximum of 4 will be shown around the houses at a time. 

We’ll also have a table with information, free tea and coffee, and of course hand sanitiser. You are welcome to wear a mask. Let us know if you’re coming so that we can put the kettle on!
This event is organised by Zero Emissions Sydney North, a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers. The focus is to encourage more people to go solar – to get you from ‘just finding out more’ to ‘let’s do this!’ In just 6 months Zero Emissions Sydney North has helped 20 households go solar.

We look forward to seeing you in Manly.