Where to start? | Zero Emissions Sydney North
June 14, 2020

Where to start?

Welcome to the Zero Emissions Sydney North blog. This is a space for sharing stories. Because behind the headlines, behind the government policies and reports, behind the technical nuts-and-bolts, there are always real stories to tell, stories which connect us all.

It seems only right to begin at the beginning, and tell the story of how Zero Emissions Sydney North came to be.

It was back in May 2019, after the Federal Election returned a majority Liberal National Party government, against all projections from three years of opinion polls. A group of women, all deeply concerned about the growing climate crisis, sat around a table in our local café, in despair. Before that day we’d been full of hope that the next Australian government might be one which took action on climate change, but now that seemed, well, unlikely, to say the least. Politics was failing us, failing our children.

Which is why talk quickly turned to what we – individually, and as a group — could do now: what practical – not political – actions could make a difference. And that’s when the ideas began to flow. Taking inspiration from the Beyond Zero Network seven of us – Dof, Susie, Ursula, Ann-Charlott, Kirsty, Tina and Anna – decided to pursue our own zero carbon community, with the help of science, technology, business, psychology and design. So Zero Emissions Sydney North was born: a community group, people from all walks of life, united by a common goal: taking swift, practical action on climate change.

What have we done so far? There have been months of research, consultation and brainstorming; we’ve looked at what actions make the biggest impact on reducing emissions, and what gets in the way for people considering taking those actions; we’ve developed programs to deliver reliable, unbiased advice on no-cost and low-cost ways households and businesses can switch to renewable energy and become ‘heros for zero’. We’ve met many amazing people in our community — including Chris Lee, star of this fabulous video about pool pumps, Lindsey Rowlands, who is working on installing solar on his strata building, and Harriet Cunningham, who writes this blog — learnt a huge amount, adapted to Covid-19 lockdown, and saved carbon emissions equivalent to a small forest of trees…

Above all, we’ve discovered that action is a great antidote to despair.

If you’d like to share stories, volunteer, or just find out more about what we do, please contact us at hello@zerosydneynorth.org or sign up for our email newsletter.

Do stay in touch. We’re just getting started.